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Pick up service

For our guests its possible to ride with an aircon minibus from Mactan International Airport or from a hotel in Cebu City to Maya New Port. It will take 3 - 3½ hours. From Maya pier to Malapascua to the Moonlight Resort it takes abount 30 minutes with the outrigger. The advantage is that it is very comfortable trip and you don't need to care about anything else.

If the arrival in Maya is after 5 pm, there are no more boats to Malapascua. In this case we can organize accommodation for you near the port.

For your reservation please inform us 1 to 2 days before you need the service.



From Mactan International Airport with taxi to North Bus Terminal. It takes about 30 minutes. Board one of the frequent buses (Ceres Liner) direct to Maya New Port at northern tip of Cebu. It takes about 3½ - 4 hours.

Traveling by bus is the cheapest and most original way to travel.



It is also possible to take a cab from Cebu to Maya. It takes about 3 - 3½ hours and is also very fast and comfortable.


Boat to Malapascua

At Maya New Port take the regular boat to Malapascua. The boat ride to Malapascua port will take 30 to 40 minutes. Some porters bring your bags or luggage for a small tip on the outrigger. Regular boat schedule from Malapascua-Maya-Malapascua 6am to 5pm.
No boats are allowed to sail from Maya to Malapascua after 5 pm. A good option for staying overnight in Maya near the harbor is the D&N Lodge.